OHSCS Final Round points standings!


OHSCS final round this weekend at Stillwater!!! Last chance for those running behind in points to STEP UP THAT GAME, TWIST THAT THROTTLE, AND LET IT ALL HANG OUT. Let’s take a look at the points spread shall we?

Expert: Currently Joiner leading the field by 21 points over Brendan Clark. Joiner has not placed lower than 2nd in any race this year that he has been in. Tall order for Clark to get the overall being 21 points behind, but stranger things have happened. Trailing Clark by 10 points is Russell Pereira. Both Clark and Pereira have had good showings with both getting on the podium 3 times with Pereira having a win on one of those podiums. These two will be the ones to watch out for, fighting for the 2nd place overall.

Intermediate: Congrats to Steven Loftin! Leading by 44 points he doesn’t even have to show up and still gets the overall. The real race for this weekend will be between Barren Gambel and Mike Drury with just 5 points separating them to take the coveted 2nd overall spot. Looking at finish positions these two have been running close together all year long with neither one of them finishing more than 3 places higher than the other except for one race. Dark horse in this battle will be Marty Smith, who is only 13 points away from taking the 2nd spot. Expect very tight racing from these three the entire race. Grip it and rip it boys!

Amateur: First place, and only FOUR POINTS separating Spencer Prough and Spencer Sanders. FOUR MEASLEY POINTS FOR ALL THE MARBLES. This one should go down to the wire as previous races Spencer and Spencer(you guys should team up and race team a few times next year, I just gave you your team name, just saying) have finished very close to each other it’s obvious these guys are evenly matched. One little mistake could cost you the first place overall as well, so be safe, be fast, and may the best Spencer win! Oh, and no pressure.

30+: Congrats to Jason Owens, who currently has the overall without having to show up leading by 26 points. For second and third place Blain Tollefson currently leads Aaron Martin by 8 points. Looking through scores these two have been finishing VERY close together all year with it being a coin toss on who’s coming out on top. This could turn into a hell of a race as well for that 2nd overall spot!

40+: Congrats to Craig Chapman, taking the overall for 40+ with a 31 point lead going into last round. For second place, much like AM, you have a battle of the Johns, with Bestland leading Morrow by 13 points. Looking over the finishing positions, going to be another good round of racing with these two! Very evenly matched. Let the battle of the John’s BEGIN!!!

50+: Will not disappoint either! Looks like it’s Jeff Ausmus leading Mike Parrish by 9 points! Going over the scores, they have been neck and neck every race almost, both of them finishing either right behind or right in front of the other. Extra tight racing on this one. On bottle neck. One drop. Could send the other off to the winners circle and the overall win for the year!

Open Team: Currently led by Team Yamaha/Polaris of STW, they are only 12 points in front Team Ride Naked Racing who have won the past 6 races in a row! This one is far from done and it will be up to Team Yamaha/Polaris of Stillwater to defend their position on their home turf!

Trail riders: Congrats to Jeremy Kirk, coming into the last round leading by 28 points!!! Overall winner for trail riders. The 2nd and 3rd place positions are where the racing is going to take place for this race. Isaac Overstreet leading Derek Root by JUST 5 POINTS for second overall. The past few races they have been finishing very very close together as well. These two will be the ones to watch as they duke it out for 2nd overall. Trail riders might only race 1.5 hours, consist of mostly newer racers/riders but the competition is as fierce as any other class in the series!

Good luck to everyone on Sunday, have a great race, be safe, and let’s GET IT ON!!!

All photos were taken by Andy Seay, from the previous Skiatook round. You can access them by “clicking here”.

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