Draper National Enduro Demo ride. Gas Gas and Sherco Models.

A little bit delayed demo review of the Gas Gas and Sherco models that were at the Draper National Enduro. I’ve done a write up and video previously for the KTM models that were there as well, you can find that here: http://okiegoon.com/wordpress/?p=67

I had the pleasure to ride 4 different demo bikes a GasGas 200, GasGas 300, Sherco 250, and Sherco 300 4 stroke model. Being that it is a demo mostly this is a general review of the bikes and engine as suspension and levers and other things of course are not going to be dialed in for me personally. Dream job would be able to spend some serious time on the machines and write up a big review on them, but that’s more stuff you get to do if you’re employed by a magazine or something, so if anyone knows any jobs open like that for a newbie dirt rider keep me in mind. Thanks!

Test ride video, yes I should probably mic my helmet as I talk about the bikes some while riding but with the chest mount it’s hard to hear what I’m saying. Moving to chin mount though so should be much more audible going forward. Anyhow, the ride vid.

On to the bikes. One thing I can say about all of these bikes is that you can definitely tell that they were made for enduro/woods riding. Amazingly so. Each of the bikes I rode just begged for a good rocky hill climb, some tight single track, or some general gnar to ride through so they could show off. I think in the woods with a proper setup, these bikes would SHINE. And not that they were bad at all, but the wide open grass track just didn’t really do them the justice they deserved.

Gas Gas 200. This bike was definitely fun, and being a 2 stroke definitely had some good snap to it. This bike is going to chug you up the hills and waste no time getting on the pipe. Definitely a woods machine. Light, easy to throw into corners. Seemed to flatten out a bit once it got higher in the revs but not by a huge ton. And as stated before this bikes home is in the gnar, not a wide open grass track.

Gas Gas 300. This bike had actually come back from a moto magazine test just recently so it was set up a bit different. They had the suspension setup STIFF which again, you can’t really judge a demo ride on that. The bike had a good feel to it but was definitely not a favorite. Thinking it could probably have used a freshen up on the engine as it just didn’t feel as crisp and dragged a bit, for me at least. Again on a short 1 mile grass track loop you’re not going to get a lot of information from the bike as well as it had just come back from a magazine test ride where I’m sure it had been rode hard and put up wet. So with all factors considered, I didn’t care for the demo bike, but that’s not saying that a fresh one wouldn’t wow me, this bikes been through a lot.

Luckily I was up early, the line was small but once I had ridden all the bikes at the demo day, lines were getting much longer. Also the guy on the left is wearing the EXACT same jersey and pants I was wearing. So embarrassing, I wasn’t the prettiest at the enduro damnit!


Sherco 250. This bike. THIS BIKE. This was the wow factor bike for me. The 250 comes with e-start and an aggressive/soft switch that you can switch back and forth between modes on the fly as needed. For this bike pretty much from when I started it up, I liked it. Nice grunt, good mid range, crisp throttle, just awesome. My only complaint was that this bike from the very start BEGGED for some single track. Some Gnar. The thought in my head the whole time I was riding the 250 was how awesome it would be in the single track/difficult stuff. Seriously, this bike was awesome and just riding it you could tell it was just MADE for woods riding. Awesome bike and definitely my favorite out of the bunch.

Sherco 300. 4 stroke: The 300cc+ 4 strokes have definitely been coming into play more and more lately. Husky 310. KTM350. Also the bike in question the Sherco 300. Personally, I haven’t been too much of a fan of 4 strokes. That is all my opinion though, having started out and primarily ridden 2 strokes, the 4 strokes just seem lunky and heavy to me vs. the light and snappy of a 2 stroke. Again that’s just my opinion and does not reflect on the actual bike itself. The Sherco 300 was a very nice ride. It has the aggressive and soft map switch that you can swap on the fly like the 250. The power is very smooth and predictable as well as the bike itself feels very planted in corners. All in all definitely a good bike and I can see it being a serious contender in the 300cc market. Also as the other bikes, this one definitely was begging for some rocks/hills/gnar to be tested on, the low end torque was nice and my thoughts would be even if you botched the approach on a hill climb this one is going to chug you right up it no problem. Definitely a bike I would recommend for someone looking for a 4t in the 300cc range.

Constant flow of bikes going in and coming out, all day. Some bros heading out and some waiting for the next ride at the Sherco truck.


Much thanks to Fred Overstreet for bringing out the bikes and setting up the demo, it was great getting to ride a bunch of different machines and get a feel for them all. For more information on Gas Gas and Sherco models you can contact Fred at:

Fred Overstreet
F&M Powersports
11067 N Hwy 59
Gravette, AR 72736

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